juliet of the spirits

I love all films by Federico Fellini, and harbor a special fondness for Satyricon, but my personal favorite would have to be 1965's Giulietta degli spiriti. For sheer fabulosity it can't be beat. Ostensibly an exploration of the female psyche, the only psyche on display here is that of Fellini himself. Archetypes and symbols run rampant, usually coiffed and wearing a hat and gloves. Insights are overshadowed by an unending parade of amazing set pieces. A lighthearted feeling prevails, aided by a jaunty Nino Rota score; the joy of filmmaking is apparent throughout. This was Fellini's first full-length feature shot entirely in color and he used that color to the fullest. Sometime prior to filming, the esteemed director took his first (and last) hit of acid, and this movie is nothing if not hallucinatory. With its eye-popping visuals and sense of fun, Juliet of the Spirits is definitely a trip worth taking.

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